To take a luxurious ride with family, one must buy Hyundai Santro

Hyundai Santro has always been a show stealer when it comes to performance, or mileage, driving experience, build quality or build quality. The car has been the real deal and has been one of the most beloved cars right from its entry in the turf over a decade ago. Hyundai cars in the country started getting recognition and the brand name that was built came majorly due to the success of the Hyundai Santro. The car got the attention because of the superior built quality in the price range that it had to offer as compared to the same things that were provided by other hatchbacks in the segment at that point in time.

The car has prospered since then and now the newest generation of this car seems to cast the spell on the audiences. With a revolution in the design of the Hyundai, the car has been made to perfection in all the aspects. The car earlier was known primarily for its price range and the fuel economy. But with the all-new design of the Santro breaks the stereotype that was glued to its name for many years now. The car also has a number of features that define that it indeed is now a luxury ride and is not just known for the price range and mileage.


The new Eplisom engine not only is an advanced engine in terms of the build quality but is also a comfortable ride and does perform pretty well. The capacity of the engine stands at 1.1 L with increased torque and decent power. The car is a lightweight to roll around in the city and on the highway as well.

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The design of the car does give a tinge of luxury when it is compared with all the previous generations of this car. The major part of the luxurious nametag of this car comes from the interiors of the car.


Unlike many other cars or even the previous generation of this car, the all-new Hyundai Santro comes in dual tone shade interiors of beige and black. Even the plastic used underneath the all leather finished interior is of superior quality. The seats of this car come with an increased cushioning as compared to its previous generation and provide optimum comfort and joyful riding experience.


Apart from the comfortable experience that the car has to offer, there also are a number of features in the car that add to the luxurious experience like the smart play infotainment system that is placed right in the midst of the dashboard. There are a number of things that can be accessed with this system. The car has a speedometer that has advanced features, unlike many other cars in the segment. The AC vents at the back and the multi-purpose steering add to the factor of luxury.

The car from the start has been a family car and now with all the changes, it also is a luxurious ride for your family to enjoy whilst riding.